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Addiction (now referred to as a Substance Use Disorder - Mild, Moderate or Severe) is a chronic, progressive, and unless treated, fatal brain disease 

1 in every 10 people is alcohol &/or drug addicted and 1 in every 4 people is the child of an alcoholic/addict.

1 in every 5 older Americans are affected by alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Alcoholism is an equal opportunity employer, impacting people of all ages, races, religions, belief systems & socio-economic groups.

  • The good news is that with help, people can & do recover!

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Willow Tree Counseling Associates specializes in counseling for process addictions (food, shopping, gambling, sex and love) and for alcohol & drug use disorders as well as mental health issues as stand alone and co-occurring disorders. 


Willow Tree Counseling Associates offers addiction, mental health and wellness Outpatient Counseling Services for young adults, adults and older adults. When someone requires a higher level of service, we will make a "warm-handed" referral, ensuring that this person receives the level of care needed.

 Addiction Evaluations  

This is an intensive interview process to rule an addiction in or out, determine the stage of the addiction, and identify the level of care needed. The goal of an effective assessment is to make the RIGHT placement(s) providing the RIGHT services, amount, intensity level, structure & support, time, place, people, price — all to achieve the RIGHT outcomes — RECOVERY!

 Individual counseling 

We provide a warm & welcoming environment for individual motivational, personal growth and relapse prevention counseling; referrals to in-patient & intensive outpatient programs when the level of care needed is greater than we provide. We also offer personal linkages to AA & other self-help groups. 

 Couple & family counseling 

A family or couple is any grouping of people who consider themselves as such. Frequently, families identify one person as “the problem” and want that person “fixed.” More often, it makes greater sense to work with the whole family rather than just the individual. That is because dysfunction rarely occurs in a vacuum. With addiction, the whole family is effected & must be part of the recovery process. Couple's counseling is provided by Willow Tree's founders and married couple Sue Nobleman & Charlie Berman. They may be reached by calling SN: 201-602-7783 ([email protected]) or CB: 201-602-7523 ([email protected])  (see Family Interventions below)

 Family Interventions 

A Family Intervention is a highly effective and intensive process designed to help family, friends, and employers to motivate those they care about — those in denial of their addiction — to seek treatment for their dependency. Family interventions are also designed to help those around the addict to become healthier by discontinuing enabling behaviors that allow the addiction to continue and flourish.  Click here to download the brochure: Family Interventions Brochure

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Family Interventions


Family Interventions

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