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The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program has 40 years of research behind it, showing effectiveness when implemented fully and as intended. The following chart outlines the program in full:

 A:  School Wide Level 

  1. Establish, Train & Support HIB Safety Teams (2 days)
  2. HIB Safety Team Trains ALL Staff with WT support (1day)
  3. Survey School
  4. Train 15 MS youth to serve as youth staff at 100 VOICES and beyond (1 day training plus on-going consultation services)
  5. Hold 100 VOICES to empower 100 representative youth & 25 adult staff to serve as positive change agents (1 day)
  6. Hold monthly Staff Discussion Groups
  7. Introduce School Anti-Bullying Rules & Consequences
  8. Refine Supervisory System to cover “hot spots”
  9. Hold Student Event to Kick-Off Olweus Program
  10. Involve Parents from all 3 schools

 B:  Classroom Level 

  1. Post Bullying Prevention Rules in all classrooms
  1. Teachers (along with trained youth staff) hold weekly class meetings (Circle Time to discuss school climate & anti-bullying issues with students)
  1. Hold Periodic Classroom Meetings for Parents

 C:  Individual Level 

  1. Supervise “Hot Spots” & beyond.
  2. Provide on the spot interventions for HIB
  3. Hold Follow-up Meetings with students involved in HIB along with their parents
  4. Institute Action Plans for students & parents

 D:  Community Level 

  1. Include community members on the HIB Safety Teams
  2. Community members provide support for district’s HIB programming
  3. Community members help Spread Anti-Bullying Messages in the community

The Rationale for implementing the Olweus science based model for bullying prevention and intervention:

As adults, it is our responsibility to provide youth with a physically and emotionally safe environment in which to learn.  Students cannot focus on their studies if there is a need to look over their shoulders in order to avoid an attack — be it direct (teasing, rumors, hitting, etc.) or indirect (social isolation) in nature.

Way too many of our youth experience HIB as a regular occurrence and they are suffering. Young spirits are being shattered. In essence, the house is on fire and the question at hand is whether or not we are using enough energy to extinguish the blaze … or are we trying to put out a 3-alarm inferno with just Dixie cups of water?

Choosing to fully utilize the best-researched HIB Program — the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) — is seeing the enormity of the problem and responding appropriately to assure a positive outcome. If done correctly, with everyone on board and making HIB elimination issue number one, we will have a very busy year with lots of reports of HIB being generated.

But next year, things should be different - better. If we continue to utilize the OBPP, delivering a consistent message, it will be clear that at our school, HIB just isn’t cool.

Additional Links

  1. We encourage you to use the Olweus Survey to determine your specific issues regarding HIB  and to program accordingly.  Click here to download the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire in Adobe PDF format.
  2. Learn more about Dan Olweus from Sweden.

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