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Family Torn Apart

A Family Intervention is a highly effective and intensive process to help family members, friends & employers to motivate those they care about — those in denial of their addiction — to seek treatment for their substance use disorder. Interventions are also designed to help those around the addict (family members, fellow employees or employers and friends) to become healthier by discontinuing their enabling behaviors that allow the addiction to continue and flourish.

Family United

Formula for Success:

A Willow Tree Family Intervention is an intensive process,

A Family Intervention requires rigorous honesty by all who take part. It becomes, however, a very loving & heartfelt experience for those who are truly willing to participate. 

Each Family Intervention is guided by a Master's Level Licensed Addictions Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

All in or out-patient treatment planning is pre-arranged by Willow Tree.

To insure the emotional well being of the team members, a meeting is held immediately following the actual Intervention to discuss feelings and reactions. The team will meet once again, 1 month later, to talk about how the family and the newly recovering addict are doing.

It's a Simple yet Complex Process

— Gather a Team. A team should consist of those …

  • The addicted person cares about;
  • From whom the addicted person seeks approval  (Cares what they think);
  • Who have DIRECT experience of the person’s drinking, smoking &/or drugging … and the subsequent problems.

— Team assembles at our home office to learn about the Intervention process.

— During the first weekend, the team will:

  • Learn about addiction as a family disease, correct any myths and misinformation
  • they may hold;
  • Privately list their concerns, tying them to specific, directly observed
  • substance use behaviors and share them with one another;
  • Learn how to give feedback or share their observations & feelings in a
  • manner in which the alcoholic or addict will be able to hear and accept.

— During the second weekend, the team will:

  • Perfect their scrips;
  • Develop “bottom lines” should the addict not follow through on the
  • treatment process. (i.e: “Should you fail to accept treatment to become
  • substance free, you will be terminated from your job. However, should
  • you accept treatment and become substance free, your job will be waiting
  • for you when you return from treatment.”)
  • Discuss treatment options, plan logistical details and problem solve for
  • any road blocks the addict might produce to avoid beginning treatment.
  • Rehearse the intervention process for the first time.

— During the third weekend, the team will:

  • Decide on a treatment program;
  • Finalize logistics and practice a series of “dress rehearsals”
  • When the group is truly ready, the Family Intervention will be scheduled
  • to take place.

A Word of Caution: Family Interventions are simple yet complex and should always be guided by a highly trained addictions counselor. Please, do not  try this on your own.

Time & Fee Structure: 

Successful Family Interventions usually take 33 hours of intensive planning and practice over the course of 3 weekends plus two hours for the intervention itself. The initial cost to learn about the process is $150. If you decide to go ahead with the process, this will be absorbed into the total fee of $3,500 and a fee structure will be established where $1,250 is paid at the beginning of the first 2 weekends and $1,000 at the beginning of the last. If this payment schedule causes a hardship, a different payment plan may be arranged. Occasionally, concerns occur during the first year following an Intervention whereby additional sessions may be scheduled at an hourly rate of $150.

To Begin, call 201-602-7783 to discuss the process & to set up an appointment.

NOTE: If you see potential roadblocks that are stopping you from setting up an appointment, we would be happy to speak with you to problem-solve.

Please Feel Free To Contact our Office Anytime

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